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Reverse the Effects of the Aging Process with the Right Skin Care

The desire to reverse the aging process has generated tremendous interest throughout history. Ancient texts describe the application of various substances to the skin in an attempt to rejuvenate the appearance, and Cleopatra reportedly took milk baths (lactic acid) for their effect on the quality of her skin.

Today we have the benefit of many different options to help us achieve the appearance we desire. It may be a bit confusing, however, to decide what is exactly right for you. You are invited to visit Dr. Revis for a complimentary skin evaluation to discuss your concerns, priorities and motivations for pursuing skin treatments.

After examining you, Dr. Revis will be able to offer advice and options to help you achieve the appearance you desire. He will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the many different options you have before you. Dr. Revis feels it is extremely important to individualize your care to your specific needs, because no one treatment or combination of treatments is right for everyone.

After reading about the various skin care options by following the links listed above, please contact Dr. Revis by email or phone to schedule your complimentary consultation to learn what you should and should not be doing right now to make your skin more soft, smooth and youthful with less wrinkles and discolorations.


For further information, please contact our office at (954) 630-2009 or you may email Dr. Revis.



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