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Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

The Truth Behind Rapid, Quick, Flash or One Day Recovery

In your research leading up to your selection of a plastic surgeon, you may have heard of Rapid Recovery, also called Flash, Quick, or One Day Recovery. These are often used merely as marketing terms to mislead a potential patient into thinking a particular surgeon has invented some type of revolutionary approach for breast augmentation.

It is common sense plastic surgery to place patient safety, comfort and satisfaction above all else. In Dr. Revis’ opinion, the principles of a systematic approach to breast augmentation should be considered standard in the industry for every board certified plastic surgeon.

In Dr. Revis’ practice, this systematic approach includes the following:

Preoperative Approach to Breast Augmentation

  • Precise breast and chest measurements
  • Accurate preoperative sizing using implant sizers and photos
  • Careful preoperative marking

Intraoperative Approach to Breast Augmentation

  • Efficient use of the operating room to reduce operative time
  • No intubation
  • No paralysis
  • No ventilator
  • Combination anesthetic involving IV, gas and local anesthetics
  • Careful, precise dissection of the pocket with minimal tissue trauma
  • Minimal bleeding
  • No-touch technique for implant insertion
  • Keller funnel for silicone implant insertion
  • Avoidance of cutting the pectoralis muscle
  • Avoidance of blunt dissection
  • Prevention of nausea

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